Urban and media technologist


I'm working:


2017—Co-founder Foundation For Public Code and Vurb.Agency.

2015—2017Founder, Managing Director: New Atoms.

2013—2015Editorial Consultant, Designer, Programmer, Producer: BBC News.

2012—2013Partner, Consultant: Non-Fiction, Office for Cultural Innovation.

2009—2012Programme maker new audiences: national dutch broadcaster VPRO.

2006—2009Founder: Denkstof, small digital and events consultancy.


1988Born in Amsterdam.

A short selection of notable past larger projects:

New Atoms

Role: Managing Director, Founder

Researching the future of news organisations at the BBC, Boris VAN HOYTEMA identified a set of structural problems that make it hard for news organisations to keep up with the market and identified solutions for the shorter and the longer term. The two key fields for improvement: scalability and adaptability.

New Atoms is an early-stage news, journalism and research organisation with collaboration—both between humans, and humans and computers—at its core.

Activities included an Agile Multifunctional Editorial Team and Agile Collaboration software for content producers.

Funded by the Google Digital News Initiative.

Team: My amazing employees: Thomas de Beus, Sam Prinssen, Deborah Basckin, Minu Sundaram, Matthijs Mentink, Andrea Vendrik, Krysten Koehn and Tess Scholten.

BBC Trending

Client: BBC News

The BBC bureau on the web, reporting on what's being shared and explaining why that matters.

I came in to bring a more up to date news angle to trending with a YouTube and Twitter offering. In the process worked on fortifying the editorial premise of BBC Trending with new branding and core values.

BBC Trending makes a blog, YouTube Channel, Twitter timeline, Weekly Radio programme, Vines and videos for TV.

Role: Editorial Consultant, Brand Design, Producer

Medium: YouTube, Social Media, Web, Radio and Television

Team: BBC Trending


Client: BBC News

An experimental task runner for automated content reformatting. Helping journalists make the right content for the right contexts.

This project included running multiple Twitter accounts and a SubReddit per trial.

Role: Technical, editorial and conceptual lead

Medium: Node.js, Web

Team: BBC Video Innovation Lab

New process for Triggertrap

Client: Triggertrap.

Having lost their CTO, UK startup Triggertrap needed to get their Bristol based software department to develop. I came in to help the team get the confidence to lead themselves and make great software.

We created a process based on ideas from Agile and Scrum, Triggertrap flavour. Implemented sprints and got our head around releasing awesome new things every two weeks.

Role: Scrum master, process implementation

Medium: Software

Team: Triggertrap Bristol

World Heritage Podium

Client: Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands & Municipality Amsterdam Bureau of monuments and Archeology

The World Heritage Podium is the official visitor center for World Heritage in the Netherlands. The center is an exhibition with historical artifacts, animations, video portraits, posters, leaflets, banners, a website and more.

Role: All of the Design with Rafe Copeland, an animation and a series of interviews on video.

Medium: Exhibition, Print, Web

Team: Non-fiction: Michiel van Iersel, Radna Rumping, Rafe Copeland and others.

Pump Lamps Datavisualisation

Client: Rijnland Water Authority

Rijnland’s four largest pumping stations collectively can pump up to 290.000 liters a second. These four lamps, situated in the reception area of the main offices, reflect the current state of the pumps, giving a sense of the job the water authority is facing.

Role: Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Manufacturing management with Rafe Copeland

Medium: CNC Milled Wood, Acrylic, Arduino and custom electronics

Team: Non-fiction: Rafe Copeland and others.

VPRO Dorst

Client: Public Broadcasting Corporation VPRO

Dutch public broadcasting corporation VPRO is known for making high quality programmes. But between the young age at which you can watch VPRO’s legendary children’s programme and its ‘grown-up’ programming, there is a large hole.

In 2009 we proposed a plan for a new ‘youth’ programming by the VPRO, connecting with young media consumers in the VPRO’s target audience of the creative class. This resulted in the creation of VPRO Dorst, a way for young media makers to make things under the guidance and on the broadcasting platforms of the VPRO. Over 500 editorial, tv, radio and new media productions published. The project also included an internal renewal project.

Role: Editorial direction, Concept, Consulting, Format development

Medium: Television, Radio, Web, Print

Team: Yuki Kho, Debbie van de Ven, Ebele Wybenga and others.


Client: Municipality of Amsterdam, Office of Spatial Planning

An experiment into mapping the social-media landscape as a tool for urban planning. A web-app, phone app and series of workshops. The aim of the project was to provide a democratic, immediate and up-to-date feedback system for the inhabitants of Amsterdam so that faster and better informed planning decisions could be made by the city.

Role: Design, development

Medium: HTML/CSS/JS, Cordova, Node.js

Team: Non-fiction: Juha van ‘t Zelfde and others.

Stad van de Toekomst

Client: Public Broadcasting Corporation VPRO & De Balie, Cultural Centre

For VPRO Dorst and in Coöperation with de Balie, Boris VAN HOYTEMA has organised The City of the Future. With a small ‘city council’ of young and student architects, philosophers and designers a concept of a future city was created to battle the younger generation’s lack of a greater vision and the legitimacy of dreams.

Role: Concept, Directing, Project management

Medium: Storytelling Event, Marketplace

Team: Katusha Sol, Mischa Woutersen, Naomi Jacobs, Tessel Brühl and others.

Datavisualisation on social media response in crisis situations

Client: Rijkswaterstaat, Dutch ministry for Infrastructure & Universität Salzburg

The University of Salzburg researched for Rijkswaterstaat how Social Media can be used in crisis and incident management. We visualised two events the report focussed on, a highway car crash and a day of extreme snow fall in the Netherlands.

Role: Design, Animation and Cartography

Medium: Tilemill, After effects, Google Refine

Team: Non-fiction: Rafe Copeland

Radio 4 VIRUS

Client: Public Broadcasting Corporation VPRO & Classical Music Radio 4

The audience reached by classical music is getting older by the day. The public dutch classical music radio station Radio 4 notices this in its listener base which gets a year older average every year. To combat this ‘grayification’ we proposed a new kind of radio programme focussing on the more accesible love for classical music by its young musicians instead of the ‘insider knowledge’ you need for enjoying traditional classical music programmes.

Role: Concept and early development

Medium: Radio programme

Team: Jurjen Soeting


Skill Software Technology

I dream this shit, know everything there is to know about it

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  1. Agile
  2. Concept development
  3. Content strategy
  4. CSS3
  5. Continuous Integration
  6. Designing
  7. Firebase
  8. GIT
  9. GitHub
  10. HTML5
  11. Using Helvetica
  12. Invision
  13. JavaScript
  14. LEAN
  15. Leading a team
  16. Polymer
  17. Project Management
  18. Product Management
  19. Public Speaking
  20. Scrum
  21. Sketch
  22. Team Building
  23. Web Design
  24. Web Components
  25. Writing